About us


In 2017, we introduced a global e-commerce platform dedicated to genuine Italian products. Today, we have evolved into artisans, meticulously creating cured meats that harmonize age-old customs with contemporary advancements. Our mission remains the same: infuse innovation into Italy's most classic offerings.

Our journey begins with the Affettati, a thoughtfully curated selection of artisanal cured meats that honor deep-rooted traditions while embracing a modern presentation. Experience the essence of our region's time-honored salumi infused with a dash of creativity.

  • Proudly Italian

    Born, raised and ready to bring our "Italianity" to the world.

  • Tradition lovers

    We start from here, looking at our own traditions.

  • innovations seekers

    The reason we wake up in the morning.

Our Team


Nikas Bergaglio

eCommerce Fulfillment Director

Gloria Bertolio

eCommerce Manager

Maria Di Campli

Graphic Designer & Social Media

Valeria Lagroia